(Grass-O-Matic: Med Gom 1.0)
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Med Gom 1.0

Flowering Time: 60-70 days

A real feat of cannabis engineering; Med Gom 1 from Grass-O-Matic has all the trappings of a high grade medicinal cannabis strain but with the added benefits of an autoflower. As a result of her speedy genetics she goes from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks.

The result of painstaking research and a long development process, Med Gom 1 is the bud-child of Grass-O-Matic and CBD Crew. Their combined efforts have produced a high quality strain which also comes bundled with a ton of autoflowering advantages. All the seeds of Med Gom 1 will generate females plants with a minimum guaranteed content of Cannabidiol (CBD) of 4% and which are ready to harvest within just 9 weeks of germination!

In terms of growth, Med Gom is a very manageable plant that grows to around 1 metre in length. Growers short on space will want to take a look at this unique strain, which is in a class of its own. As it matures it develops compact buds completely frosted of sticky resin which exudes an intense citrus aroma with spicy undertones. This intensity is mirrored by the strain's high, which is thanks to its tremendous THC/CBD content - the result is a prolonged and satisfying experience.

Med Gom 1 is something of an early riser, going from germination to harvest in just 9 weeks (8 for more seasoned growers). The average yield of the Med Gom 1 tends to be in the region of about 25-50g per plant, depending of course upon the growing conditions.

Med Gom 1 is an exceptionally therapeutic strain, capable of easing a wide range of intrusive and painful ailments. The high CBD content in Med GOM 1 helps to reduce psychotomimetic effects caused by the THC, such effects include anxiety, loss of memory and concentration.

Growers looking for an innovative strain needn't look any further, as Med Gom 1 is as unique as they come. An autoflowering strain high in CBD is simply unheard of, something we're sure cannabis connoisseurs will want to get their hands on.

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