(Positronics: CBD Caramelice)
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CBD Caramelice

Flowering Time: 60-70 days

Caramelice concentrates the flavor and the aroma of her parents, while maintaining greater resistance to mold, and a decent flowering time. From the fifth week on, she will begin to assume the typical intense orange color. Her calyxes are covered with a large number of trichomes, forming "towers of gems" large and dense. The flowers are so large and dense, they are called "donkey dicks"!

An intense citrus flavor awaits. Orange, Lemon, and Lime, the entire family of citrus fruits are included in ONE variety of Cannabis! The aroma, combined with the taste, are the keys to success for this variety. It seems really to have a slice of orange in your mouth!

She provides a euphoric high, typically favoring the Skunk varieties. She has an average psychoactive feel, ideal for anti-stress bliss. of course she will increase the appetite.
It is recommended to use a retaining system, to sustain the weight of the massive buds. The constant use of fans will be required, to move large amounts of air up to the huge bunches of flowers. Essential, will be the adoption of odor controlling systems, such as carbon filters, an ionozer, or stink buckets. A truly tasty smoke!

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