(Positronics: Gordo Master Kush)
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Gordo Master Kush

Flowering Time: 50-60 days

Gordo Master, one of the best rap Mc panorama in Castilian, used this as potent for inspiration and write the track that bears his name, as well as many other variety.

Sponsoring this delicacy from the beginning as himself, starts a legend, the Gordo Master Kush, which is a Limited Series for the most demanding lovers of Kush varieties .

It is characterized mainly by being a robust plant size, structure midsize and compact development, strong branches with cup structure capable of supporting the weight of its compact and resinous buds.

Leaves dark green, very wide and serrated. Its sturdy and compact, with shades of purples subtle in its stem and leaves of flowers make it especially nice at first sight.

HYBRIDIZATION: Originally Kush is a variety from Hindu Kush, cultivated for generations in the high valleys of Mazar i Sharif, Chitral and Kandahar. En their place of origin have been traditionally used for the production of hashish.

We note that this variety we have returned to the origin of Kush varieties, which dominated optimal growth to achieve results that'll smile every day of the legendary Old School floración. De Kush to Gordo Master Kush, a plant legend.

PROPERTIES: Its pungent aroma goes from sweet fruity berries, so earthy, with a great complexity of nuances, being a true delicacy for the most faithful followers of varieties Kush. Todo this scent is accompanied by an intense flavor that mark us, reminding the best of Afghans in each of our senses hashish .

Excellent choice for your favorite sativa crosses and get hybrids magnificent, as well as resin extractions great calidad. La bloom is quite fast, reaching harvested 55-60 days indoors, and in early October outdoors. very easy to grow and resistant thanks to its strong structure.

With a minimum of 25 days to a more productive growing collection given by its genetic demeanor. Once we change the photoperiod automatically switch from growth to flowering. This range need not be paid in excess, being sufficient a good substrate and some -a -organic fertilizer to be in the 2nd - 3rd week of flowering . Remember it is always easier and better to correct the deficiency that the last exceso.Por note that these plants tend to develop more content in CBD that make them suitable for different medicinal uses as its narcotic and relaxing effect.

HARVEST TIME: 1-10 October
PRODUCTION: 350gr per Plant outdoor or 350 gr/m2 indoor

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